Monday, June 9, 2014

'Amazing' Gift for Dads, Grads & Teachers

School isn't out for another 2 weeks,
but we have many, many people to thank, now! 

Teachers, coaches, bus drivers, Sunday School helpers, etc. etc....not to mention Dad and grads.

I like gifts that are fast and simple with a bit of clever creativity.  (Cuteness is always a bonus.)
This one works for me...and who doesn't appreciate a gift card?

Want to create one?

-Amazon gift cards. 
(Find the gift cards with the single 'a' on them.)

-White letter stickers. 
(Find a medium-sized font that has the typewriter style of the letter 'a' that matches amazon.)


-Cardstock.  (I used blue and black.)

-Washi tape and Baker's twine (optional).
-Tape-- any kind
-Glue stick

Tape the Amazon gift card to the middle of a sheet of cardstock.
Stick on the letter stickers directly onto the gift card.
Overlap the stickers onto the cardstock-- spelling the word, 'amazing.'

Add the stickers 'U R' above the gift card.

Another option is to add a #1 sticker after the U R.
Below the gift card, use stickers to spell out 'DAD', 'GRAD', 'COACH', 'TEACHER'...

Trim cardstock evenly and close to the stickers. 

Apply a strip of washi tape and tie on some baker's twine.
(Just for a bit of added flair.)


Glue onto a piece of black cardstock.  Trim.



Have your child sign the card and hand deliver!

Quick, clever, easy...done!


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